DynCorp International Free Zone Jobs (US Persons) 

For over 60 years, DynCorp International has supported US government security and foreign policy initiatives both domestically and abroad. While a number of our jobs require security clearance, we do have current DynCorp job opportunities that do not require a security clearance for hiring. Some of these positions in Operations, IT, Transportation, Logistics and Technician jobs.

Every DynCorp job plays an important role in the support of US national security and foreign policy objectives, whether it requires security clearance or not. With a working presence in 11 countries, including Haiti, Bosnia, Afghanistan, and Iraq, for the Department of State, and providing logistics and contingency support to the U.S. military and our allies around the world, including major platform support, logistics, and contingency operations programs in the U.S., Europe, the Middle East, the Pacific Rim, and Africa, DynCorp’s has significantly broadened its reach around the globe.

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