DynCorp International Aerospace Operations Jobs (Limited) 

DynCorp International has its roots in aviation. Started in 1946, DynCorp, then known as Land-Air, Inc., merged with California Eastern Airways and in 1951 became the first company to be awarded the Contract Field Teams (CFT) contract by the Air ForceLogistics Command (AFLC). Since then, DynCorp International and its predecessors have provided services under the CFT program continuously since being awarded that first contract. Over 60 years later, DynCorp is a global company, and as a result, has a number of aerospace and aviation jobs available for qualified aviation and aerospace professionals.

DynCorp jobs play an integral role in supporting national security and foreign policy objectives. In a DynCorp aviation or aerospace job, your opportunities in a DynCorp job can range from an air traffic controller job, where you’ll be responsible for providing safe, orderly and expeditious air traffic flow, or a control technician job, where you’ll be responsible for repairing, testing, adjusting and installation of airplane electronic equipment. We also have management jobs available for those seeking to supervise all aspects of a Forward Operation Base.

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