Logistics Management Principal in Columbia, MD at DynCorp International LLC

Date Posted: 1/1/2020

Job Snapshot

Job Description

Job Summary
The Logistics Management Principal is responsible for identifying activities that will be involved in providing needed logistical support for assigned systems, mission or designated program. Responsible for advanced level support in planning, managing and coordinating lifecycle support integrating separate functions of supply, maintenance, procurement and quality assurance of logistics activities needed to sustain system fielding.
Principal Accountabilities
(Typical duties include the following, although specific duties vary by assignment or contract.)
  • Provides detailed analysis of logistics requirements, coordinating department logistics functions, reviewing warehousing and distribution, forecasting future requirements and providing customer service.
  • Provides advanced expertise in Proberty Book or equivalent utilizing PBUSE or other online database.
  • Attends/participates in logistics conferences, audits, design reviews, site surveys, system/site assessments for lifecycle support
  • Monitors progress toward meeting logistics plan and identifies cause and impact of delays or other problems and develops recommendaations for system improvements. Participates in determining provisioning levels for spares.
  • Performs routine research and determines sources of supply, stock/part numbers, costs, and reimbursable status of material.
  • Prepares requisition documents and forwards to applicable sources. Maintains the document register, monitors status of requisitions, and conducts a monthly reconciliation to determine appropriate course of action.
  • Prepares reports detailing the quantity on hand, quantity required, last purchase/maintenance action and maintenance history for all mission equipment, and repaired items.
  • Manages and maintains inventory management system.
  • Provides recommendations for changes or improvements.
  • Prepares routine procurement/lease packages for operational emergency materials required for emergency repairs, installations and evaluations to sustain mission critical support equipment or restore mission and to full operational status.
  • Provides data for monthly status reports documenting each action taken.
  • Provides the LIMS data for performance and cost analysis of supported systems and subsystems.
  • Prepares supply and purchase transactions reports. Provides logistics status and accountability of material - LRU’s, end items, supplies and spare parts. Maintains stock control level and reorders parts.
  • Requisitions, receives, stores, issues, segregates, cares, preserves, inspect, and accurately inventories equipment and repair parts.
  • Processes repairable/turn-in items.
  • Provides packing, shipping, receiving, handling, transportation and storage functions. 
  • Performs other duties as assigned.

Knowledge & Skills

  • Advanced working knowledge of military logistics, supply, and general shop operations.
  • Ability to determine equipment serviceability, levels of repair, and accountability.
  • Ability to research, locate, and order material from vendors and contractors.
  • Skilled in utilizing ADP systems and logistics oriented software applications to maintain an accounting of funds allocated and expended for material.
  • Advanced knowledge of the Federal Supply System.
  • Advanced knowledge of software applications to include word processing and ability to modify/tailor existing databases to generate, manipulate, and analyze logistics data.
  • Fluent in the English language includes the ability to read, write, and comprehend relevant documentation.
  • Working knowledge of special handling, exemptions, tariff, and duty requirements for United States (US) military equipment/material through US and foreign customs.
  • Capable of interfacing with foreign customs authorities to expedite movement of equipment/material through the customs process.
  • Able to perform all duties to ensure timely, courteous and quality support to customer.

Job Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree in business management or equivalent experience.
  • Eight (8) years of experience in logistics, supply, maintenance, and configuration.
  • Experience managing equipment/system failures and associated record keeping to include inventory of lowest replaceable units (LRU) and repair parts.
  • Experience in receiving, inspecting, packing and shipping government material.
  • Familiar with modes of transportation.

Physical Requirements/Working Environment

  • Work is in normal office environment.