Building Maintenance Mechanic (Contingent Upon Award) in Moscow at DynCorp International LLC

Date Posted: 1/18/2020

Job Snapshot

Job Description

Job Summary

The Building Maintenance Mechanic performs a wide range of monitoring and maintenance functions during their shift, to include:  troubleshooting problems, utilizing basic test equipment and meters as necessary; making minor and uncomplicated repairs; and providing detailed verbal/written reports on 
problems to shop supervisors. Incumbent is expected to work alone on rotating shifts (all days and all shifts). Guidelines are provided by established trade practices in the primary trade areas. Work is performed in accordance with established safety practices and regulations for all the trades. 

Specific Duties and Responsibilities: 
Monitoring functions (45%):  Responds to all plant alarms and takes appropriate actions.  Monitors the DDC system and makes scheduled rounds of the building utility systems and maintains a logbook of the readings of the equipment.  Responds to DDC alarms (to include specifically DDC alarms related to the fire alarm system) and trouble messages and takes appropriate actions.  Monitors the equipment associated with hot and cold domestic water systems, water filtration and treatment systems, fire pumps, and dry pipe suppression systems. 
Maintenance functions (55%):  Independently performs routine and uncomplicated maintenance work, repairs, and installation work (e.g., changing light bulbs, and repairing minor electrical problems with outlets, switches and breakers).  Obtains and utilizes a working knowledge of the plumbing system, to include specifically the location and function of the system isolation valve.  Possesses a working knowledge of HVAC systems and controls; is able to restart commercial chiller 
units and boiler plants.  Assists the various shops when performing preventive maintenance on building systems.  Records and responds to service calls between 1700 and 0900.  Responds to fire alarms; resets the fire system an inter-related DDC system if determined to be a false alarm. 

Record and responds to electrical power outages:  Monitors the operation of the emergency generators and related switchgear, shuts down the generators upon restoration of commercial power, and monitors and records levels of the fuel tanks.  Possesses an understanding of the operation of elevators: restores them to an operational mode after an unscheduled shutdown; and, if necessary, extracts passengers from and 

inoperable elevator. 


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